Can’t connect to Internet while VPN is connected

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If your ExpressVPN connection seems to running properly but you cannot browse ANY websites at all, including sites that you can access when ExpressVPN is not connected, follow these troubleshooting steps:

Adjust your proxy settings

Make sure that your browser is set to auto-detect proxy or to no proxy. Go to the instructions for your browser:

Internet Explorer

Send us your log file/diagnostics

Other possible causes and solutions can be found in the ExpressVPN log file or diagnostics.

You can save your log file or diagnostics and email it to the ExpressVPN Support Team at

To save your log file or diagnostics…

For ExpressVPN 5.x
For ExpressVPN 4.x
For ExpressVPN 3.x

For ExpressVPN 5.x

To save your diagnostics, click the ellipsis (…)DiagnosticsSave Diagnostics.

save diagnostics

For ExpressVPN 4.x

In the ExpressVPN window, click Save Log.

view log connected

For ExpressVPN 3.x

In the ExpressVPN window, click Save Log.

view log connected

Tech savvy? Find out what the log messages mean

I am tech-savvy. Show me what the error messages mean!

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