3 mins

We analyzed 450 apps and found location trackers in every one

Original research from the ExpressVPN Digital Security Lab reveals the extent of location surveillance.
Location symbol with an eye on a phone.
car data privacy
4 mins

How your car data can be used against you

Our cars are online, and the data collected can be used by law enforcement. Do we need more data privacy when it comes to our vehicles?
SIM-card with fingerprint biometric
2 mins

Countries with SIM-card registration laws

What is SIM-card registration? Find out what countries require ID and biometrics if you buy a prepaid SIM card.
6 mins

Top 9 .onion websites from the depths of the dark web

Looking to explore the top dark web links? There’s so much to see, where do you start? ExpressVPN lists the must-see .onion sites for 2021.