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Experiencing slow connection speeds? Find out why and how to fix the issue.

Preliminary Check

If your issue is related to streaming speeds of if you are seeing an error message along the lines of
You seem to be using an unblocker or proxyor
You'll need to disable your anonymizer
when trying to access certain websites and services, contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance

Why am I experiencing slow connection speeds?

When you’re connected to ExpressVPN, all your network traffic first flows from your computer to one of ExpressVPN’s servers, then to your destination, and then the same way back.

In principle, this should only affect the response time of your network requests (adding a fraction of a second to how quickly you can switch from one page to another), but shouldn’t affect your throughput speeds (how fast you can download/upload a single file). That said, if there is network congestion either between your computer and ExpressVPN’s VPN servers, or between them and your final destination, your speeds may be slowed down. This all depends on your location and the location of your destination.

ExpressVPN ensures that the servers themselves are never the bottleneck.

ExpressVPN monitors the servers’ performance and ensures that they always have sufficient extra bandwidth and processing power available even during peak times. This means that if you’re having speed problems, you should try connecting to other server locations to see if your ISP’s network connectivity to them is any better. Alternatively, you can try using a different VPN protocol. You can also try connecting to ExpressVPN from a different Internet connection (i.e. from your office or a cafe with a reasonably fast Internet connection).

traffic diagram

How to fix connection speed issues

If your connection seems consistently slow when connecting to different web sites, your ISP might have a slow connection to ExpressVPN’s server (possibly intentionally). Try the following options to resolve the problem:

Try connecting to other ExpressVPN locations

See ExpressVPN’s authoritative guide to choosing the best server for your needs.

Try reconnecting

If your connection seems to drop or significantly slow down a few minutes after connecting, try reconnecting.

Send us your log file or diagnostics

Other possible causes for the slow connection may have been recorded in the ExpressVPN log file or diagnostics. Immediately after some web browsing at slow speeds, save your log file or diagnostics and email it to Support at: support-email-1support-email-2


In your message to ExpressVPN, please share the following:

  • Your IP address when not connected with ExpressVPN, as reported by
  • How slow is your connection? For example, when connected to the VPN, roughly how many seconds does it take to load your Facebook main profile page, or a Google search results page?

To access the log file or diagnostics…

For ExpressVPN 5.x
For ExpressVPN 3.x

For ExpressVPN 5.x

To save your diagnostics, click the ellipsis (…)DiagnosticsSave Diagnostics.

save diagnostics

For ExpressVPN 3.x

In the ExpressVPN window, click Save Log.

view log connected

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