Slow connection speed

When you're connected to our VPN server, your network traffic flows from your computer through one of our servers to your destination, and the same way back. The distance itself shouldn't significantly affect your connection speed, but network congestion at any point can slow things down. Our servers are never the bottleneck. We monitor their performance and ensure that they have sufficient extra bandwidth and processing power even during peak times.

If your connection seems consistently slow, when connecting to different web sites, your ISP might have a slow connection to our server (possible intentionally). Try the following options to resolve the problem:

  1. Try connecting to other ExpressVPN locations.
  2. Other possible causes for the slow connection may have been recorded in the ExpressVPN log file. Immediately after some web browsing at slow speeds, in the ExpressVPN window click View Log:

    Save the log file, and send it to us. In your message, also tell us the following:
  • Your IP address when not connected with ExpressVPN, as reported by
  • How slow is your connection? For example, when connected to the VPN, roughly how many seconds does it take to load your Facebook main profile page, or a Google search results page?