ExpressVPN Setup - Windows

To set up and use ExpressVPN on Windows:

  1. Follow the link you received when you signed up, and download the ExpressVPN application. Contact us if you don't have the link.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file. Confirm any security warnings.
  3. Go through the setup wizard. Accept the License Agreement and keep default options.
  4. At the last page of the wizard, select Start ExpressVPN and click Finish:
  5. Upon starting ExpressVPN for the first time, enter the activation code you received when you signed up, and click Next:

    ExpressVPN configures your account.
  6. Upon starting ExpressVPN, scroll to and click the desired ExpressVPN server location:

Once you see the Connected message, you can begin surfing with freedom and security!

To disconnect from the VPN, click Disconnect.

If you have problems connecting or find the speeds too slow, try switching to other locations, and if that doesn't help, also try selecting another protocol using the Options screen.