OpenVPN for Android 4.x Setup

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Setting up ExpressVPN using the "OpenVPN for Android" app

1. Log-in to our website to access your account management page.

2. Click on the “Setup My VPN Account” button of your subscription to access your setup or download page.

3. On your download page, select the “Linux & Routers OpenVPN” setup option.

4. Under the Linux & Routers OpenVPN setup option, scroll-down to “3. Optional” and click on the download link for your VPN certificates and keys to download your SSL files.

5. Download our OpenVPN config files using this link.

6. Extract or unzip the downloaded zipped files.

7. Put all the extracted contents (i.e. the .ovpn, .key and .crt files) into a single folder.

8. Import or copy the folder (that contains your OpenVPN configurations) to your Android v4 device.

9. On your Android device, download and install via Google Play the app “OpenVPN for Android” (by Arne Schwabe).


10. Launch the “OpenVPN for Android” app.

11. Under the default “Profiles” tab, tap on the ‘folder’ icon (located on the bottom-right) to import one of the OpenVPN config files that you’ve copied (under step #8) to your device.

12. Select the *.ovpn file that you wish to connect to, and then tap on the ‘save’ or ‘disk’ icon.


13. To connect, just tap on the VPN profile that you’ve imported, then check on the “I trust this application.” check box, and then click OK.

14. You’ll see a couple of log details during the connection process, and once connection has been established, a ‘key’ icon will appear on the notification.


To disconnect from the VPN, just pull down the notification bar, then tap on the OpenVPN for Android notification, and then tap on Disconnect.

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